One temporary tattoo for 3€. Two for only 5€

Mix your own set: 2,50 € for every additional tattoo!


1.How do I apply the tattoos?

Remove clear top sheet
Apply face down to clean, dry skin
Hold wet cloth against tattoo for 30 seconds
Slowly peel off paper backing
Gently rinse image with water for best effect
Donët apply to sensitive skin, near eye, or if allergic to adhesive

2. How do I remove the tattoos?

Apply some baby oil to your tattoo and gently rub it away with a towel! Refrain from applying too much pressure as this might lead to skin irritation.

3. How long do the tattoos last?

Tattoos last usually 3-7 days, depending on skin type, location and care:

– Avoid any body part that does have a lot of hair
– If you apply a tattoo on hands it will only last approximately 1 day.

Please notice that the use of shower gels may shorten the life of the tattoo
as well as applying sun or body lotion.

4. Are the tattoos safe?

Temporary tattoos are completely safe and non-toxic with FDA ( EN71 C E)
certified colorants.
Don’t apply to sensitive skin, near eye, or if allergic to adhesive.